Reinventing Myself

Reclaiming my little corner of the internet after dropping off the blog map is not going to be easy, I know. But here I am, giving it go. I'm giving myself a clean palette. I took down all my past blog posts. I gave the blog a makeover. The only thing I kept was my readers. All you lovelies out there in the world who are still subscribed to my feed. Hopefully you will notice my post in your reader and swing by to say hey. Its been nearly 2 years since I've hung around the blogosphere. Thats a long time! 

I hope to get this blog really up and going in the next week so be sure to visit from time to time! I have been busy crafting and creating and dreaming BIG dreams, so I have a lot to show you guys, and alot to talk about. 

Have a lovely evening. whoever is out there reading this...I'll be back tomorrow ♡



{Inspiration Unlimited 2010::Dream BIG!}

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What a super awesome time I had at Teresa Collins event, Inspiration Unlimited!
I am so glad I went. I met tons of great ladies. 
And i got tons of awesome scrappin' goodies! This is what I see when I look at the floor in my office right now...

Pretty awesome right?? The only thing I had when i went to IU was the blue tote on the right and the tools/supplies in it. Everything else is kits & projects from the 7 classes I had, and also FREE goodies I was given throughout the weekend. The best prize I got was the basket of Dear Lizzy products on Saturday night.

 I love LOVE this designer. She was a super doll! I have photos of the basket and of Elizabeth & I, but they are on SusanSuziSue's camera, so I waiting {patiently...finger tap finger tap finger tap} for her to email them to me. So that will be another blog post. 

I had THE BEST TIME with Stephanie Ackerman from Homegrown Hospitality
I really adore this lady. She is seriously GOOD PEOPLE. Generous, kind, loving, creative, and FUN far beyond the definition of the word! Thanks for a great time Stephanie! 

Me & Steph a few times through out the event...
great BIG fun!

The Keynote speaker Saturday night at the closing ceremonies was Melody Ross. An amazing BRAVE girl who who has seen her share of trials, tribulations and heart ache and lives to tell about it. She is incredibly inspiring to me on a very personal level. I'm glad to have had the chance to meet her, chat with her a few times, and have a peek inside her heart from my seat in the middle of the crowd. 

My heart was blessed by this weekend away, in so many ways. I'm grateful to God for making it possible for me to attend. Im grateful to my amazing Chance for holding down the fort while I was gone. I'm grateful for the new friendships I made, and for the friend I already had that I was able to learn more about and get closer to. I'll be blogging probably throughout the week about my experience at IU, with more pictures as I go. I wanted to leave you with a song that was played at the closing of the event. There was an interpreter there for the 3 deaf ladies that attended the event. She interpreted this song with such GREAT BIG passion...I was moved and i thought about my friend Amanda who is an interpreter for my church, and who I love dearly, and whos signing melts my heart <3! ...I have heard this song  before, and it really speaks to my heart.

Wanna know what I'm doing right now, in THIS moment??
Counting my MANY blessings!